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As much as anyone would like to think that he is self-created, no one is ever really his own man. We are very much creations our families, schools, communities and even our friends.  Some of us have had our personalities beaten into shape, or perhaps even misshaped, by our colleges and universities.  Mine has been a long and sometimes tedious process. It includes The University of the West Indies, Norman Manley Law School, University College London, University of Leicester, Barry University and Nova South Eastern University.

Long before I arrived at University my character was shaped, in part, by Munro College. I really believe that my experiences at Munro have been the defining part of my character and fear that type of education is increasing denied to young men. I suspect that too many believe that a boarding school education is just too expensive for developing countries.


And after I left university, I arrived at the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard.  This was more than a university.  This was graduate school, and I mean this sincerely. I do not know of any unit in the JDF or elsewhere that placed as much emphasis as the Coast Guard getting its personnel trained and up to speed. I would have paid good money for the education I got there for free.

I am sure that I made mistakes along the way, but I do not wish that I missed any of the experiences that I got at these institutions.

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