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... had become so endemic that foreign investors were being deterred from the country. It was compiled by questioning 100 top domestic and foreign businesses. Its release comes as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ...
... in Barbados has to be looked at. You can't penalise an entire nation," Gordon said. Jaydene Thomas, a former journalist and now a practising attorney in Barbados, said the foreign ministry had for too ...
3. More banks wanted
... economy. Nothing is wrong with joint ventures, nothing is wrong with merging our own latent talents with the more developed and experienced talent as well as the capitalisation capacity of foreign potential ...
... Single Market and Economy (CSME). Furthermore, foreign investors usually refer their disputes to, and it appears that they repose greater confidence in, arbitration, rather than proceedings in national ...
5. The big gamble
... budget, once in a while the restraint on inflation, incremental increases of live births, the occasional highway, and even perhaps the attraction of foreign investment in a port. Enough, perhaps, to pay ...
... or that the central bank gives business persons foreign exchange permission to pay bribes overseas; or that the government would support the executives of one of its strategic enterprises paying bribes ...


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