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... and executives. In other words, I assumed that I would be expected to lecture on corporate governance.  Corporate governance is an area I am very interested in. It is also a field of study that we do not ...
... feeling the effect that credit crunch in our part of the world. I am quite sure that our bankers and financial services executives here know this, and are more intimately acquainted with these developments ...
... of these bureaucracies expected to achieve and, I suspect, there must be some uncertainty whether or not these objectives are been met. To add further insult to injury, not only do the executives of these ...
4. Ghoshal was wrong
... at some management theories, in particular agency cost theory and transaction cost theory, that he suggested have had a negative impact on business executives and how they manage the modern business enterprise. ...
5. Executive Risk
... they developed to overcome them, rewarding managers more to align their interests with those of the owners, have not proved to be particularly successful. Greater rewards for the modern executives have ...
... or that the central bank gives business persons foreign exchange permission to pay bribes overseas; or that the government would support the executives of one of its strategic enterprises paying bribes ...


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