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At a time when corruption is rife and former governors, notably the United States' Rod Blagojevich, who just began his prison sentence, and Nigeria's James Ibori, who is still awaiting sentence, are being ...
The BBC published a report that widespread corruption in India costs billions of dollars and threatens to derail the country's growth, a survey says. The report by consultancy firm KMPG said that the problem ...
3. There is no spoon
... for corruption were under political control and not vested in the hands of an independent agency; that when it was disclosed that one of its strategic enterprises was engaged in such corrupt activities, ...
I will come back to this theme several times over the next several months, but I am fascinated by the concept of a corruption-free public procurement system. As much as we advocate for efficient public ...
5. Thick and fast
...  Most remarkably, in a statement on the ‘unprecedented’ corruption investigation that led to the judge’s arrest, the governor also found it appropriate to reassure the public that the judge was not charged ...
If you have been coming to this site before you will notice that I have changed everything. In the first place, it is much simpler.There are no banners shouting that "ethics matters" or "anti-corruption ...


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