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... pleased to be on the same panel as my colleague from Barbados, Mrs Peggy Griffith, Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Fair Trading Commission. When I was first asked  if I would make a presentation ...
Jamaica's anti-dumping commission has determined that the importation of Vulcan-made cement, the American-made product, is of no threat to the local industry, clearing the way for Tank-Weld Metals to continue ...
Tank-Weld's distribution of Vulcan-made cement is harmful to the Jamaican market, but the Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission (ADSC), whose preliminary findings were to be released yesterday, has opted ...
Jamaica's Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission (ADSC) has ruled [by a majority] that cement imported from the Dominican Republic is being dumped in Jamaica, and that there was evidence of some injury ...
5. Thick and fast
... relatives. In the course of the hearing of Barnwell’s application to the court challenging the Judicial Service Commission’s representation to the President that the question of removing him from office ...


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