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... agencies, including my own, and lamenting the fact that there is no useful index. On the other hand, we have to recognise that public managers often advance instruments to measure meaningless indices. ...
... to construct and maintain.  Competition agencies in all countries compete with the rest of the public bureaucracies for public financing and human resources but in a small state, where the pool of resources ...
3. There is no spoon
... Corruption Perception Index even though we know the CPI is based on significantly flawed scientific methodology.   We have lauded development agencies when they used that index to award grants in aid, ...
I remember some years ago when international aid and development agencies complained about the rising middle class in India. In the eyes of the IMF and the World Bank, then, the new middle classes were ...
5. Public Service Quality
... in the new public service agencies and the traditional public service agencies. The expectation was that we would register better public service quality in the new public service agencies, and for the ...


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